“Membership gives you the ability to leave us messages, receive messages and notifications regarding your building. Your messages are automatically saved on the system and sent to us immediately for instant attention. We can post messages onto your web page giving you notice that we’re at your facility on a certain day, or reminders of when we’re carrying out specific works”.

Bespoke Contact System

A bonus from us:

Customer Service is our prime concern. Using our totally secure bespoke membership contact service puts you in control. Using this service allows you to contact us from your own dedicated page on our website, we can reply to you by using that or by any method that you have chosen for us to use.

We will also post messages onto the website relevant to your premises to let you know if we are on site or in your area and what time we are there, which ensures that you know exactly what’s happening and when.

You can give access to this system for carers and relatives if you should need to if you are on holiday or in hospital.